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Completely custom, from-scratch and unique. We design and develop beautiful, fluid and dynamic WordPress templates that can scale and evolve. Not only can we produce pixel-perfect Responsive Design, we provide a backend dashboard that's easier to use and more powerful than any other WordPress template dashboard in existence.

Responsive Design

Since July 2012 we've offered Responsive Design standard (an adaptive alternative to Mobile that may very well become the new standard). In 2014, we began making custom designed themes platform-independent to work on any system - Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, Drupal and custom PHP & HTML based sites. Large tech and app ventures can take comfort in knowing the design is not married to the CMS.

Images, Video, Content and even the coolest layouts all adapt automatically to fit and look great on any device at any orientation. Beyond simply the standards, we provide an easy to use interface where you can choose. Your content may look fantastic in three columns for desktops, two for tablets and one for phones. Or, you may want to split it up differently. Panels and Grids, Icons and Media - with a single tap, you can choose the layout for any device and view angle. We can even control a push-pull, where items are re-organized in a different order for smaller devices. That lengthy SalesForce lead generation form? It might look great on a desktop, but with a long email address field and short zip and phone, we may want to have those fields re-order for small devices so the fields always look nice and neat. What about a background video or lengthy titles and buttons? We can have text turn into icons, and video's turn into photos - all with ease.

Custom Wordpress Themes

Every Front-End design is custom branded for your business. Down to the last detail, each design is completely unique and customized for our client's brand. Whether it's WordPress, Magento or Joomla - all of our custom designed templates are built on the UIKit universal framework with Bootstrap. This means if you ever change platforms, your design is still able to function.

More than just color and backgrounds, your branding should be reflected in every aspect of the website's design. The buttons, the tabs and Map markers, tables and forms - even the nav dots for slideshows and galleries. Your Instagram and Twitter photos that stream into the website and automatically create a tiled feed - we shouldnt see off-site fonts and colors. Yep....we can even control iframes.

The UIKit and the Warp framework provide a foundation for us to build your custom template. Bootstrap-powered, they give us the basic technology for flex grids, the base responsive behavior for phone-flipping and touch devices, and all the mundane typography coding that is universal throughout the web. We start off with a blank, white base. Your design team or in-house designer may have a concept already. We can match it with precision.

With a CMS like WordPress, layout is first a matter of what the template's possibilities are. We create positions in the template - toolbar, menu, side columns, and many body-area positions (top a, top b, main top, bottom a, footer, etc). Administrators can easily change a section of the design from full-screen and full-height (covers the screen at any size) to a fixed height or width - or go from a full-width to 80%, 60% or half of the width of the users screen. Thanks to Warp, you can easily change your selection. You can create all kinds of variations and apply them to specific pages or sections. One client, for example, is an audio manufacturer. They produce high-end home theater equipment ($50,000 in-wall loudspeakers, etc). They also produce consumer-level car speakers and amplifiers. These two divisions have very different markets, and as such they wanted different looks. The home theater division is mostly white and elegant, while the car audio side is dark and trendy. They can very easily apply the colors of either variation to a new page, in seconds.


    We offer a full service, complete solution. No stock WordPress templates. We produce completely custom designs unique to your business. Many of our larger clients have design teams of their own that we work with, but small business' often need help. With over 16 years in Graphic Design, Marketing & Advertising, we're seasoned Design pros that want to create a truly unique experience for your customers and clients, that communicates who your business is and what you do effectively.
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    "this is how I always envisioned our website. fantastic job!"

    Dave Shapiro, CEO, Cartelligent
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