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API and Web Services

We provide Integration of the most in-demand API and commercial Web Services available. From Pay-Per-View Video to OpenGraph API for Facebook & Twitter synchronization, to web-to-lead SalesForce, ZOHO CRM and Microsoft CRM funnelization and connectivity, we've got it covered.

Connecting your website and it's applications to the outside world is an integral part of every business' online needs. CRM's and marketing services, advertising, tracking and SEM all rely on inbound data and traffic. Driving traffic to your website through online and print ads or organic search engine marketing gives your business an opportunity to acquire new leads and accounts. But, every website needs a clear call to action (or several) and the ability to track ROI from impression to account.

When a prospect or potential lead fills out a web form,
we want three (3) things to happen:

  • 1. Save the data to your website's database
  • 2. Send the data to your CRM
  • 3. Track and record the goal as completed

When services like Google Analytics record your goal as being reached, you're able to track how effective your ads are. Knowing which ads, which keywords and where your ads are most effective helps your business to accurately scrutinize campaign and advertising strategy performance.

Sending lead form submission data to your CRM gets it to the right sales people, directly into their lead queue. When the salesperson closes the sale and your opportunity becomes an account, you can track the entire funnelization process to know exactly where each and every acquired lead that resulted in new business being closed came from and why.

3rd party form plugins for Wordpress, as well as SalesForce's notoriously limited web-2-lead API, leave a lot to be desired. They are rarely ready out-of-the-box, as practically every business needs specific criteria in their lead forms. Marketing services like Marketo or Microsoft CRM typically try to get their users to create web lead forms using their software. However, professional forms that work with an API can make the process much more simple and more specific to your business without dozens of hours of customization.

Popular API and Cloud Services

  • Payment Gateway API Integration
  • Instagram & Twitter Media/Content Feed
  • Facebook & Twitter Applications (Login, Commenting, etc)
  • Constant Contact, MailChimp & Vertical Response
  • Custom Google Maps, GPS/Geolocation
  • SalesForce & Zoho CRM
  • Marketo & Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords & AdSense
  • Affiliate Networks & Partner Software
  • Advertising & Banner Management

Application Development

Custom Website Applications can give your business the tools to power massive databases of your specific items. Apps are crucial to features unique to your company--whether you have baseball games with vendors, special promotions, several day/times, opponents or pitching staff--or a search directory with insurance and medical options your customers can sort-by/ Let's take a closer look at the web development process.

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