Galaxy Home Theater

The first website we developed for Galaxy lasted 7 years. Originally designed in 2010, we were asked to come back and re-design a replacement we're launching here in 2017. Not only has their site lasted seven years - it's continued to automatically update itself and required very little redevelopment.

Edge-to-edge full-screen video and media was really important in designing a new look. As home theater experts, their market is especially looking to be blown away by dramatic media. When you're building a custom theater for your home, chances are you want the most vivid color and the sharpest clarity you can get. Galaxy's website design is no exception - it has to be razor sharp and mesmerizing.

This new design utilizes the full vertical height of any screen, adapting background videos and sections to fill and cover from edge to edge. We've used subtle layer blending, scrollspy animations, vector icons, tiles, grids, galleries, slidesets and draggable sliders, and overlayed mobile navigation that's large, crisp fonts are easy for anyone to read.

With all that, you'd think it would run a little slower than their old site - but you'd be wrong! Using LESS pre-processing, minify, gzip and a CDN - we're delivering clean-coded front-end design loading a simple LESS file in milliseconds instead of the half-dozen CSS files we relied on in the past.



"this is how I always envisioned our website. fantastic job!"

Dave Shapiro, CEO, Cartelligent
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