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The Oakland Athletics

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Case Study

Oakland Athletics Intranet

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The Oakland Athletics
Custom Development
Fall 2017

This powerful intranet system was custom designed and developed for the Oakland Athletics major league baseball team staff. It features a half-dozen custom applications, streaming media and sophisticated employee-access content creation tools.

Designed and developed specifically for the Oakland A's, this intranet system is a cloud-based hub for several hundred employees. It features a half-dozen custom-designed inter-active applications, a sophisticated employee profile system, streaming media, event calendar and game-day system detailing every baseball game played each season. It also streams in the latest tweets and Instagram posts automatically, giving employees up-to-the-second news.

Design & Brand Marketing

Custom Branding

A's Gold
Darkest Green
Homestand White
50th Bicentennial

Custom UI/UX Design

This custom template was created for the Oakland Athletics major league baseball team's office and staff. It's design is completely custom and set to the brand standards and styles, trademark, color and design. It's built with UIKit, and comes with the PageBuilder system to create and build content and media with a simple, visual editor anyone can use without coding.
Note the correct brand logo is automatically changed depending on whether the page has a dark green background or a white one - accurately reflecting the brand's guidelines. Just as one logo is used for home games and White Jerseys, and the other is used for road gamed and dark jerseys.

Custom Applications and Administration Features

Again, the custom-designed style is built with UIKit, and comes with the PageBuilder system. Staff can use this to create and build content and media with a simple, visual editor anyone can use without coding.


Custom CMS Web Applications

Five custom applications were created to handle a wide array of needs. Each application has multiple item types, categories, and several dozen ways it's displayed automatically throughout the site. Each item has it's own access levels, settings and criteria. All applications were built with mass import/export needs in mind, in CSV or JSON formats.
  • Bulletins
  • Employee Roster
  • Downloads & Documents
  • Events & Homestands
  • Suites


Creating Custom Items

Custom items for each application are made up of individual elements. Some are simple text elements, like a Name or Title. Others are more complex, like Parking Lot open and close times, or a related Event. This makes it very easy to mass import/export thousands of items in bulk. It also enables us to screen individual elements by user access level, and select only specific elements to stream into slideshows, grids, tiles or lists.

The Athletics Homestands (baseball games played at the home ballpark) stream into a slider with tiles & logos of opposing teams throughout the intranet site. We also feed the Game Day, Time and Opposing Team info into a clickable custom calendar.

UX & Administration

Using LESS pre-processing, minify, gzip and a CDN - we're delivering clean-coded front-end design loading a simple LESS file in milliseconds instead of the half-dozen CSS files we relied on in the past. Our UIKit-based UI/UX leverages @globals and hooks with zero unnecessary lines of css. the Front-End design is entirely custom and keeps all content branded with the official, trademark and copyright-compliant Oakland Athletics branding. What's more, the back-end Admin interface features arguably the most powerful custom Builder, giving Admins a visual interface to drag-and-drop and choose from simple click or tap icons to create beautiful layouts and graphic content without any coding or complicated mess.

Features at a Glance

  • Directory

    Employee Roster Application
    Manages employee profiles, departments they're assigned to, contacts/phone tree and Employee Honors (Employee of the Month and other recognition).
  • Bulletins

    News & Staff Updates Application
    Manages inter-office news bulletins, updates and notices. Managers and designated employees with writing privileges and create bulletins and assign them by employee types or department.
  • HomestandsGames

    Baseball Game Day Application
    Manages the calendar for upcoming homestands - baseball games played at the home ballpark. Includes detailed information for staff inlcuding vendor locations and names, scoreboard messages, special events and tickets.

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"this is how I always envisioned our website. fantastic job!"

Dave Shapiro, CEO, Cartelligent
Oakland Athletics Logo
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